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2020 Summer Program

Dear stakeholders of Dream Jamaica, 



Your 2020 Summer Program took place during the months of July and August. Please read the newsletter below for updates. 

We salute you!

#BounceBack Educational Resources 


The 2020 #BounceBack Campaign

Dream Jamaica offers educational resources to students who are in need of assistance to bridge the learning gap that was caused by COVID-19. In September 2020, the Ministry of Education will ensure that all High Schools in Jamaica institute entry examinations to test students' educational level and cognitive skills. Through our #BounceBack Campaign, an essential element of our Strategic COVID-19 Relief Plan for 2020-2021, we propose FREE online sessions for over 500 students in core subjects. We have convened a diverse team of leaders and teachers to effectuate this plan. 



The 2020 #BounceBack Key Subject Areas

Please find our proposed curricula for the key subject areas, for grades 7-10:


  1. Information Technology; 

  2. Integrated Science; 

  3. History; 

  4. Religious Education;  

  5. Social Studies;

  6. Geography;

  7. Spanish; 

  8. French; 

  9. English Language; 

  10. Mathematics.


The 2020 #BounceBack Student Handbook

The 2020 #BounceBack Key Subject Curricula

Information Technology
Integrated Science
Religious Education
Social Studies
English Language

You Are Well On Your Way!

Dream Jamaica wishes our students all the very best for this academic year 2020-2021, and hope that we can continue to work alongside our kind donors and sponsors to provide the educational and motivational services our students need to #BounceBack from the negative effects of COVID-19. 


Just like Zainab in this video, we want to bring our students through high school, into their dream college, and on to their dream career. We want to serve as many students as we can, and implore you to connect with us.


We want to continue hearing from you. Please visit our Student Resource Packet for more resources, and feel free to contact and the team at any time! 

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