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History & Religious Education 


Anicia Bennett is an innovative and resourceful professional, who is committed to the academic success and integrity, as well as the spiritual and social well-being of all students.


She prides herself on being an Educator and Motivational Speaker with special interests and skills in speech and drama, motivational & leadership engagements, timetabling, singing, and dancing, among others.


Anicia holds a Master in Public Theology from the Jamaica Theological Seminary which will add to her list of accolades and professional training. These include the Effective Leadership & Speech Seminar Capacity Concepts 2018, a Master of Education in Educational Administration from the UWI Mona 2013, a Bachelor of Education in History Education and a Diploma in Teacher Secondary Education in Religious Education & History, both from Shortwood Teachers’ College.


Anicia currently serves as the grade eleven supervisor and a teacher of Religious Education and History at Calabar High school. For her commitment towards education, she has received several awards including, Best Supervisor Award 2019, The Howard Gregory Award for Top Performing CSEC Religious Education Teacher 2019, Teacher of the Year 2019 at Calabar High School, and the list goes on.


This summer, Anicia Bennett will join our #BounceBack Campaign by bridging the academic gap in her core areas of Religious Education and History.



English Language 


A passionate teacher of English Language, English Literature, and Literacy, Jacqueline Hibbert-Pinto firmly believes that every child should receive equal opportunities so to explore and achieve their best academic self.


Mrs. Hibbert-Pinto received a Diploma in Teaching Language and Literature, Honours, and then went on to acquire a certificate in Comprehensive Reading from The Mico University College School of Continuing Studies. Her latest educational feat was to obtain a First Class Honours, Bachelor of Education in Language and Literacy from The Mico University College.


She has since served as Grade Supervisor and Subject Coordinator at Calabar High school where she is tasked with the planning of lessons, activities, workshops, and exams for the Communication Studies cohort. Additionally, Mrs. Hibbert-Pinto is tasked with the daily management of students and subject teachers associated with her grade level, while also being a teacher of English Language and Literacy for grades 7 to 11.


The pursuit of her passion has been recognized through the awards she has received, including, Best Supervisor of Lower School (2019), Outstanding Performance as a Form Teacher (2012-2013), Outstanding Performance Award – Year II Practicum (2012) and STC Head of Department Award (2012).


They say once you learn to read you will be forever free. If so, Mrs. Hibbert-Pinto is our lady of liberty as she will be sharpening our campers’ literacy skills and their proficiency in the English Language, helping them to #BounceBack from the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on their education. 



Modern Languages ( Spanish & French)


Sherise Gouldbourne is a passionate foreign language educator with a trail record of excellence in her field.


Having been educated at both Shortwood Teachers’ College and UWI Mona, where she received a Diploma in Teaching in French and Spanish and a Bachelor of Education in Spanish (respectively, Sherise is a well-equipped linguaphile.


Over the years, Sherise has not only taught both Spanish and French but also acted as Head of the Modern Languages Department, coordinated and accompanied students on Spanish educational cooperations with institutions across Cuba, Mexico, and Panama and was individually honored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and the Jamaica Teaching Council for her Teaching excellence in October 2017.


Additionally, Sherise has had the opportunity to teach the culture of Jamaica and the English Language at a high school in France by the name of Marc Bloch.


This summer Sherise will bring ‘Vive la France’ and ‘la Vida en Espanol’ to Dream Jamaica. Bienvenue or perhaps bienvenida to Sherise Gouldbourne, who will channel students' passion for international integration and hone their language skills as a particular aim of the #BounceBack Campaign. 



Social Studies & Geography 


Rhona Whitely-Beckford received Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in the UK in 2018 and will be joining the Dream Jamaica team of teachers, particularly responsible for Social Studies and Geography for our 2020 summer program as a vibrant and inspirational Educator. 


With ten years of experience teaching Geography and Social Studies in Jamaica, and over many years of experience as CXC Examiner, Rhona has secured top results in CSEC Geography, Social Studies, Agricultural Science, and Sociology.  


She completed a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Development with an emphasis on Performance Management & Training Development and a First Class Honors, Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Minor in Human Resource Development, both from the University of the West Indies, Mona. Prior to this, Rhona had obtained an Associate of Science Degree in Agricultural Education & Diploma in Secondary Education with Honors from the College of Agriculture Science & Education.


Currently, she serves as the Coordinator and Lead Practitioner of Social Sciences – Psychology & Health & Social Care in a London-based school and is an Examination Assessorat for AQA and Pearson. Having honed excellent teaching strategies, good lesson-planning skills, great interpersonal  and team leadership capacities, Rhona displays a high level of competence for Dream Jamaica’s #Bounceback Campaign.


We are ready to bridge the academic gap for Social Studies and Geography with Rhona Whitely-Beckford.



Integrated Science


Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education at The Mico University College, Adonnica Blake aims to impact, stimulate, and equip students with adequate knowledge, skills, and competencies.


Adonnica is a graduate of Old Harbour High school where she received her CAPE and CSEC qualifications and a high school diploma. Her professional experience includes working as a Practice Teacher at Camperdown High, a Student Teacher at Edith Dalton High and Innswood High School, and as a Call Agent for inbound sales at Fusion BPO Services.


Adonnica is adept in communication, mentoring teamwork, and adaptability. Adonnica will be joining the Dream Jamaica team specializing in Integrated Science to help our students to #BounceBack in their experimental, scientific, and adventurous skillsets.



SAT Mathematics


A Math-wiz, with expertise in Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Accounting, Deran D. Gregg will be the wiz in charge of College Prep Math Sessions for our summer 2020 camp.


Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Deran also has a special interest in Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Finance, and Foreign Language, in particular, Spanish.


His proclivity for all things Mathematics began during his studies at Calabar High school, where he sat CSEC Mathematics and received Grade 1 with a straight ‘A’ profile. This excellence continued at the CAPE level where it is safe to say, Deran received the official status of a Math prodigy, having received Grade 1s and straight ‘A’ profiles in Pure Mathematics Units one and two.


His professional work experience includes being a tutor at Founders Tutorial Academy, a Quality Attendant at Brett Robinson Gulf Corporation, a Sales Representative at Alvin’s Island, and an Administrative Assistant for Sagicor Life Jamaica.


This summer as Deran joins the Dream Jamaica team, he will be adding to his work experience whilst teaching the College Prep more than mere addition but the language of Mathematics as he implores his team to #BounceBack from the academic gap caused by COVID-19. 


Screenshot_20191114-194716_One UI Home.j

Information Technology


With a background in Engineering, Information Technology, and Education, Richard Bernard is tech-savvy and experienced in Project Management and Information Technology.


Bernard has feathered his hat with a Mastery in Applying Project Management Certificate, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Engineer Technician Certificate and a Diploma in Computer Technology.


He is proficient in several programming languages, web technologies, database management, Microsoft software, learning and school management systems, and educational content design software. Bernard has explored his several interests through his history of employment in the field of System Administration, Engineering and Computer Related Training Positions, where he currently serves as an Information Technology and Computer Science Teacher at Meadowbrook High School.


With his colorful, tech-savvy history and his membership at the Jamaica Computer Society, there is no doubt that Richard Bernard will educate and inspire his students at Dream Jamaica. With Bernard on the team, our students will #BounceBack, becoming little techies in this technologically advanced society.


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