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How can I contribute?

Dream Jamaica welcomes your contribution. Contact us at and let us know how you would like to help (volunteer, donation, sponsorship, mentoring are just a few opportunities to consider). 

When is the Summer Camp?

The Dream Jamaica Summer Camp is offered on a yearly basis in the month of July. In extreme circumstances where safety measures need to be put in place, we will only have online sessions to ensure the safety of both the participants and the volunteers. We will be hosting virtual tours to replace excursions.  

Can I apply after the deadline?

Dream Jamaica will not deny any student access to our services and platforms. You may visit the homepage to apply to the Rolling Applications to engage with tutors at any time. However, the online applications for the devices, internet services, and CARE packages are closed since there is a limit to the number of students we can facilitate in our budget. Don't lose hope, as we are still actively trying to help more students. 

How do I know if I have been accepted to the Summer Camp? 

Students are not denied access to the summer experience. Our programs are tailored to facilitate you on Mondays and Wednesdays during the summer camp if you did not get placed in a specific cohort. This was instituted to give students who did not complete the online application, have been expelled from school, or are going through emotionally or psychologically tough time, the opportunity to excel. In these cases, please reach out to

When will I get feedback on my application? 

On the same day you sign up, you should get feedback. This is to confirm that your email has been added to our mailing list. 

Which cohort should I apply for?

Your application does not take into consideration applying to a specific cohort. Your placement in a specific cohort is dependent solely on the application rubric used in our administrative processes. 

What is a cohort? 

Since our programs are tailored to a specific audience based on our matrices, a cohort is a group of students who either have the same interests, are of the same age range or have applied to participate in a certain activity. During the Summer Camp, the cohort is only dependent on the age range and level of exposure of the student. 

I have a personal issue, who can I speak with? 

We applaud you for reaching out when you have a personal issue. Dream Jamaica would be more than willing to assist you in the best way we can. We ask that you send an email to immediately! A member of our Board of Directors will be willing to understand more about the issue. 

Why have I not gotten a response? 

Please verify your email address, postal address, and telephone number. We reach out to our staff, volunteers, students, donors, sponsors, and presenters within 1 - 3 business days. You may have sent an erroneous email. Email with queries about the programs in Jamaica. 

Is Dream Jamaica only for Jamaican students? 

Our application rubric is universal to all education systems and we welcome applications from students from all nationalities. Dream Jamaica cannot, however, take on additional responsibilities for the voyage, insurance, and lodging of any international student. Please reach out to if you are an international student with specific needs. 

Where can I find a lost item? 

If you lose an item on any of the campuses, please speak directly with your supervisors and camp leads. They may have found the item, or it may just be in 'Lost and found'. In a case where you have lost an item on a trip or excursions, please contact the Logistics Manager who will, in turn, try to locate the item through communicating with the trip or excursion hosts.  

How can I get an additional student/care package?

Dream Jamaica's budget is not able to replace any lost items, and we share equitably in order to afford equal opportunity for everyone. We cannot show preference to any student. You may get an award, which may be an extra student/care package, only if you have completed all the deliverables and have handed your work on time. 

How can I get college advice? 

You can find college advice in your student/care package and during our college sessions. If you are not in the College Prep Cohort and need early college counseling, you may email

Can I volunteer soon?

To serve our high number of students, volunteers are welcomed at any time.

Please contact  about programs in Jamaica and to start your screening process—then, you are on your way to making an impact!

Are dates set for the activities?

The Dream Jamaica Summer Camp and all programs run on schedule. Our schedules are primarily based on that of our stakeholders and can facilitate limited changes unless there has been a change in the schedule of our stakeholders.


Even though the Dream Jamaica Summer Camp is offered on a yearly basis in the month of July, our starting date is usually dependent on the closing date of schools set by the Ministry of Education. 

Can I bring my own food, if I have allergies?

Dream Jamaica shall not hold any responsibilities regarding allergy problems. We ask that all students bring their own meals, or identify whether you are able to eat what we offer during our programs. There may be severe illnesses related to allergenic meals, and you should not take the risk of exposing yourself to allergens that will cause you to feel ill. It is very important to state whether you have dietary restrictions on the health forms you submit. 

Can I submit a late or absence request?

If you will be late or absent, you must inform your team and ensure that you also copy in an email of justification with documents to prove your claim. Please note that all volunteers are required to be present on committed days unless you have been granted permission for lateness or absence at least three days in advance

Can I leave early, or quit?

Even though this has never happened, you may decide to quit the camp at any time. Participation in our events is based on free will. You may only leave the sessions in cases of emergencies, or if you inform your team lead. We have to be informed of all decisions, and it is important to note that decisions on continued participation will be made collegially.

What rights do I give Dream Jamaica when I participate?

In order to participate in our programs, you should sign our permission forms which give Dream Jamaica rights to capture, use, and publish photos and recordings. All photos and recordings taken during the events remain the properties of Dream Jamaica. 

Can I change cohorts? 

In order to change your cohort, please write a letter to your Academic Council, which is an ad-hoc committee consisting of your English/Math teacher, your direct supervisor and the coordinator of the cohort you wish to enter. They should make the decision based on an assessment of your prior participation, and the availability of spaces in your desired cohort of entry.

How do I resolve a conflict?

Conflicts are extreme cases. In an event that there is a conflict of a minor degree, you may be asked to undergo a process of restorative justice, with a police officer and a member of the team as mediators. There should be no race, age, intelligence, sexuality, gender, sex, religion, political debates, or discrimination, which includes slurs and innuendos. 

Can I arrive late?

There is 0 tolerance for lateness when meeting with interviewers, donors, sponsors, and parents. Please have a contingency plan if you are running late. We encourage respect for everyone's time and efforts. 

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