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Our students have come a far way!


A Student on the rise, fighting all the odds

Everyone has a certain phrase or some words of encouragement that help them push through a particularly bad day. For this future midwife, her words of encouragement to herself are "aspire to inspire before you expire."

Therefore, meet Shanta-Kaye, a former Queens High School student who is currently enrolled in pre-university to complete a few more CXC CAPE subjects in order to matriculate to the University of Technology and major in Midwifery. Outside of the classroom, Shanta-Kaye is a well-rounded, socially-oriented student who frequently participates in a variety of projects that help her community improve.

Shata-Kaye has been a Dream Jamaica participant for the previous two years.

"My experience at Dream Jamaica has been one of great pleasure for the past two years!" she exclaimed.

She went on to say that she would have preferred to attend the camp in person rather than online, but she still had a wonderful time. She took part in our internship program this year. She was exposed to professional life, entrepreneurship, and leadership here. These themes additionally aided in lectures on interview and work etiquette, as well as how to formulate and organize both school and work tasks successfully.

Further on into our interview, she thanked Dream Jamaica for providing her with the resources she needed to pursue her dream and aspirations.

In essence, She aspires to be a midwife in the next five to ten years and to develop ways to provide students and youngsters alike the opportunity to express their talent while also assisting them in becoming the greatest versions of themselves in society.

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