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Our students have come a far way!


Banking, Finance and Economics are Moya's passion

“Life is a song --sing it. Life is a game --play it. Life is a challenge --meet it. Life is a dream --realize it. Life is a sacrifice --offer it. Life is love --enjoy it." ~Sai Baba

Moya Clarke, a student with an admirable passion and determination for her goals, has been utilizing Sai Baba's remark to motivate herself to keep going. Moya is a University of the West Indies student majoring in Banking and Finance, and Economics.

Moya began participating in Dream Jamaica currently and has commended Dream Jamaica on their ethics and the support system they have for their students.

“My time with Dream Jamaica was enjoyable I was given the space and time I needed to perform my work, and I had people available to help me if I needed it."

She goes on to say that having a meaningful summer was one of her goals, therefore she decided to enrol in the internship program offered by the Dream Jamaica cohort. Her goal was achieved through her active engagement in the activities that were taking place. She was exposed to a variety of professional opportunities, as well as work and interview pointers, as well as general guidance from her mentors.

Her goals for the next five years include completing her college degree, learning a programming language, gaining professional experience, and making a greater difference through her volunteerism. To attain these objectives, she has been watching countless YouTube videos and building tiny projects in order to educate herself her desired coding language while remaining consistent with all of her other potential chances.

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