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Our students have come a far way!


Future Attorney on the rise!!

A former Tarrant High School student who is currently enrolled in the sixth form at the pre-university UWI is working hard to make her parents proud. She has witnessed the actual rewards of hard work through role models such as her father. As a result, she aspires to be as dedicated and industrious as he is. As a response, she intends to study law or psychology at university. During school, She was engaged in her school's electric club as well as fitness activities outside of the academic classroom.

As a result, meet Aleysa, a young lady on the rise. Aleysa became a member of Dream Jamaica earlier this year. She took part in both the internship and college preparation cohorts during her time there. During our panel discussion, she mentioned that she was introduced to a range of job disciplines, received vital knowledge about the industry, how to develop a résumé, and honed her interview skills during these camp sessions. Aleysa expresses gratitude to Dream Jamaica for providing her with motivation and encouragement from their well-equipped mentors. She was able to endure and move closer to obtaining a tertiary education as a result of this.

She aspires to be an attorney in a well-known legal company or to open her own psychology practise within the next five to ten years. In that time, She would be able to live a fulfilled life while simultaneously contributing to philanthropic organizations that aid all students.

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