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Our students have come a far way!


Future Biochemist on the rise

We're constantly told that words have meaning. Everyone employs a variety of mantras to provide them with a much push. This phrase has always meant a lot to Miss Olivia:

"We're all living corpses waiting for our graves, so why not live life to the fullest?"

With role models like Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid and Vusi Thembekwayo, this young lady is on the right track to achieving all of her goals. With a diverse portfolio of social involvement, she has found herself in several service groups, as well as community and religious youth clubs, to assist people in any way she can.

As a result, meet Oliva, a biochemistry student at the University of the West Indies. Olivia, a first-year student, described the college admission process as "unique." This was owing to the COVID-19 constraints, as well as everything being accessible online. Nevertheless, as the new school semester began, this youngster made it her responsibility to strive for excellence. She was, however, confronted with a slew of difficulties. These included adjusting to the increased workload as well as developing new studying and working strategies in order to complete her course work on time. She goes on to say that these obstacles were overcome by building strong ties and putting in the extra effort. Sticky notes, highlighters, a makeshift whiteboard, study sessions, extra notes, and consultation hours with her lecturer or tutor were all part of it.

Olivia joined Dream Jamaica in early 2016 and has enjoyed every camp and workshop she has attended since then. She goes on to say that because of the Dream Jamaica board's extra help and guidance, she was able to get multiple scholarships to fund the expense of tuition. She also praised Dream Jamaica for pushing her to push past her boundaries and dream big. She has been blessed with various opportunities since then, including the opportunity to represent the Dream Jamaica foundation as an ambassador in Seattle, USA. As a result, she strongly encourages everyone who has the opportunity to be a part of Dream Jamaica to do so, as they will not be disappointed.

In essence, Olivia aims to be studying abroad for a master's degree within the next five to ten years. She also aspires to be successful in other aspects of her life, such as social and spiritual development. She is also highly interested in STEM courses and environmental consciousness, so she is excited to see what the future has for her.

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