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SIX LOVE: Dream Jamaica Student Floored Six Scholarships

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Crystina is an example of the honorable scholars we serve. Her dedication to success sets her apart from her peers and landed her six (6) scholarship offers from the private and public sectors in Jamaica, as well as the Federative Republic of Brazil.

A Thankful Heart. A Strategic Mind. A Helpful Hand

Crystina came back to serve her younger brothers and sisters at Dream Jamaica. She gave her time to coach these students on etiquette, mastering high school and preparing for college —all while serving as the Logistics Manager of Dream Jamaica '19, at the University of the West Indies, in Mona, Jamaica.

"My best memory of Dream Jamaica was in the Summer of 2019, when I was able to give back to Dream Jamaica as I worked as one of the Camp Managers. It was then that I truly understood the vast extent of dedication, and love, that is put into the program every single year by the Founder, Board Members and Volunteers just to ensure that all students are impacted in a positive way. This made me have a deeper appreciation for this organisation."


"Your net worth is dependent on your network"

6 Pretigious Awards in 2019

  1. 3rd time recipient of the Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) valuing at $152,000.00 JMD (2017-2019) = $456,000.00 JMD

  2. NCB Foundation Parish Champion Scholarship 2019 valuing at $300,000.00 JMD

  3. Courts Jamaica Limited Scholarship 2019 valuing at $100,000.00 JMD

  4. Betting Gamings and Lotteries Commission Educational Grant valuing at $50,000.00

  5. 2 time recipient of the Edna Green Scholarship 2018 & 2019 valuing at $40,000.00

  6. PEC-G Scholarship to study Veterinary Medicine in Brazil

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