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Our students have come a far way!


Holy Childhood High's star to open her pharmaceutical laboratory

"Life is like a bicycle; in order to stay balanced, you must keep riding." Annicia, one of our students, utilized this slogan to motivate herself to work harder toward her goals. Role models such as her mother and Oprah Winfrey have also established a solid backbone for this youngster as a result of their hard work and dedication.

Meet Annicia Sappleton, a dedicated Holy Childhood High School student. She is currently in grade 12 and is doing quite well academically. Annicia is a good student not just academically but also socially. She devotes time outside academics to volunteer and participate in important projects that benefit not just her, but also her peers and the environment. Among these projects are beach or campus cleanups, tree planting and homework support. Annicia is also developing her persona more and more each day.

Annicia participated in both our Career Discovery and College Preparation programs. In these programs, she was exposed to various career paths, high school and university tips. These included: CXC success tips, interviews and college success skills, application tips along with the exploration of possible college majors. She further explained that due to her participation in these programs, she now feels more at ease with her college application process. This is due to the provision of a personal mentor from the Dream Jamaica College Board and the availability of various resources that is now accessible due to her participation in our programs.

Annicia discovered Dream Jamaica in January 2020. She was invited by a close friend of hers --and since, she has not regretted her decision of joining. “Dream Jamaica has been a blessing,” she stated.

She further commended Dream Jamaica for teaching her time management skills, how to deal with the pressure of school along with discovering more about herself. With this she was able to put more things into perspective and got clarity on how to further reach her goals.

Her goals for the next five to ten years include studying and networking to become Jamaica’s #1 pharmacologist. With this, she intends to one day start her own laboratory, which will supply safe and cost-effective pharmaceuticals to all members of society, in spite of their ability to afford these services. She also aspires to continue working on projects with other Jamaican non-profit groups to make educational resources available to all students.

Dream Jamaica does not only encourage students to succeed and provide a safe heaven to do so, we also inspire students to be active engineers of an improved Jamaican society that cherishes the concepts of human development and community development.

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