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Our students have come a far way!


Immaculate's New Upcoming Medical Professional

Treyjah, a current student at Immaculate Conception High School, is on her way to true success. With her father as her most important role model, as well as her mother, this girl has a brilliant example of how hard work and dedication can pay off in the long run. While thriving academically, this dedicated young lady made time to volunteer for charities and participate in clubs. She became involved in a variety of clubs during school. Key club, interact club, Sixth Form Association, drama, and dancing are examples.

As a result, meet Treyjah, a fiery young lady pursuing her dreams with faith. Treyjah started with us early this year as part of our career development cohort. In our interview, She describes how she was given the opportunity to broaden her study and time management skills, as well as gain new critical skills, in this section. She went on to say that the mentors she was assigned to made her experience invaluable. This was owing to their friendly demeanour, as well as their frequent support and invaluable counsel. As a result, she encourages other students to join this organization since its courses, tools, and mentors are priceless.

Treyjah aspires to be a doctor or neurologist within the next five to ten years. With this, she would be able to help more people in Jamaica while also allowing herself to grow into the confident, influential individual she aspires to be.

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