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Our students have come a far way!


Our Future Upcoming International Relation Officer

Everyone's destined path in life is distinct from another person's destined path. Chelsea, on the other hand, is currently on her own journey to attain long-term success. Chelsea, a current student at St. Andrew High School for Girls, is nearing the end of her high school career. As a result, she is currently researching and selecting prospective universities that will allow her to continue to flourish intellectually and socially. Outside of the classroom, this involved kid is very involved and engaged in both her school and her larger society. Her engagement in several clubs, such as debating, Andrewz Press (Journalism), and the Glam Academy, allows her to have her voice heard not just by her school, but also by the communities around her.

Chelsea joined Dream Jamaica in early 2021. During her time, she was a member of the career discovery cohort. During our discussion, she mentioned that she had attended a number of workshops focusing on exposure to various professional fields, SAT classes, resume development, and cover letters. She was presented with extremely motivated and insightful mentors as a result of her engagement. Further on in our discussion, she highlighted that her mentors gave her several recommendations to assist her to improve her time management, study abilities, and stress management which she uses to help effectively navigate her last years of high school.

Some of her short-term goals include being more productive, finishing high school, and passing all of her CXC CAPE topics with high marks. In the following five to ten years, she aspires to have finished her degree in international relations and landed a position in that profession, while also embarking on her ambition of touring the world.

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