Our students have come a far way!


St. Andrew High's Upcoming Pharmaceutical Professional

Children are the future, and this youngster is working rigorously towards her dreams of success. Danielle, a student at St. Andrew High School for Girls, is well on her way to achieving the goals she desires. Danielle, a grade twelve student, is an active participant in her community who finds herself involved in numerous initiatives. At school, she is an active member of the quiz club, the UNESCO club, and an active Ranger. Aside from those activities, she spends some of her free time practising the violin and looking for ways to help in her community.

Thus, meet Danielle, a student with a passion. Danielle joined Dream Jamaica in the summer of 2021. During this time, she participated in the college preparation cohort at the organization. During our discussion, she highlighted that she was involved in a variety of workshops. In these workshops, she was exposed to a variety of career options, resume building, cover letter writing, and the exploration of different possibilities for life after high school. She applauds Dream Jamaica for assisting her in discovering the career she wants to pursue after years of not being sure.

Thus, her current ambitions are to study harder and complete the majority of the grade twelve curriculum. In the next five to ten years, she aspires to have completed her pharmacy degree and be living in Canada, fulfilling her passion for travelling.

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