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Our students have come a far way!


St Catherine High's graduate on the move

“There's no Elevator to Success, you have to take the stairs”

Meet Kedisha, a student on her way to success. She graduated from St. Catherine High School and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, which she is excelling at. Kedisha, a well-rounded student both intellectually and socially, plans to finish her degree and enter the workforce. She is currently employed in an administrative capacity at her old primary school. She thinks that by doing so, she will be able to continue to improve both personally and professionally.

Kedisha joined Dream Jamaica in 2019 and realized her passion for business as a result of her participation. Each year, while engaging in camp activities, she proudly claimed that her exposure to various career perspectives and encouraging mentors has enabled her to be the young girl she is today.

She also emphasized Dream Jamaica's influence on her social and public speaking skills. Most significantly, she thanked Dream Jamaica for assisting her in becoming her greatest self and reaching her full potential.

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