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Let's get you to where you should be! 

Tafar-I Williams

Director / Translator / Exam Coach

MSc., Gestion de Risuqe dans les Pays du Sud -- Sciences Po Bordeaux, France 

MSc., International Cooperation --The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

BSc., Sciences Politiques, -- l'Université des Antilles, Martinique

A.A., Modern Languages -- Caribbean Exam Council 

Tafar-I Williams has gotten acceptance to numerous colleges, namely Elmira College, Morehouse College, University Canada West and Howard University, through Dream Jamaica's scholarship rubric. Completing his Masters, he has decided to devote to aspiring, underserved students from volatile communities and who wish to crack the scholarship application code! 


Below are some resources that you may find useful, as they help you to prepare for exams. But, the application to college is both an art and a science --something you cannot learn overnight! 


Dream Jamaica helps you to prepare for your career. Let us help you! Connect with Tafar-I; ask him questions


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