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Jennifer Joslyn Sill - left,  Shemiele Da'Briel, founder - middle, Marcia Sill - Jennifer's Mother - right


Jennifer Joslyn Sill was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is a leader in her community, including holding leadership positions at her children’s schools and at her church. Above all, she is a devoted mother to her three children, Max, Ben and Sammy who all love her dearly. She creates for them a magical childhood helping them to appreciate the beauty in the people around them. Her best attribute is that she teaches them by living an exemplary life.


The Jennifer Joslyn Sill Scholarship is available to students who have participated in the Dream Jamaica Summer Camp for at least two years, and who have been accepted to an accredited college or university. 

Each scholarship is in the amount of US $500 and will be paid directly to the college the student (will) attend.  The scholarship is renewable for up to 3 years if the student shows progress and maintains above average grades. There is no definite number of students as the Scholarship Fund is managed to disburse 30% of its income each year. This may mean that over 20 students could get funding.


  • Application deadline: March 31
  • Only online applications will be considered

  • Applicants will be notified by May 31 of the outcome

  • Only completed applications will be considered

  • Applicants are required to write an essay stating why they should be awarded the Jennifer Joslyn Sill Scholarship


  • Recipients of the Jennifer Joslyn Sill Scholarship are required to provide an annual update to the donor by December of each year for which they receive the scholarship
  • Applicants are also required to sign the pledge to donate to the Jennifer Joslyn Sill Scholarship Fund an amount that is meaningful to them within 5 years of graduating from college

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