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We envision a Jamaica where students are inspired and empowered to succeed and to positively impact their communities.


Our mission is to provide meaningful mentoring relationships, along with educational and professional opportunities that will inspire and empower young people to pursue their dreams, accomplish their goals, and positively impact their communities.


Shemiele Da'Briel founded Dream Jamaica to inspire students to dream, and to show them how to achieve those dreams.


Dream Jamaica (1) provides students exposure to a broad range of professions and educational resources; (2) establishes a network of professionals, and facilitates the opportunity for students to build positive relationships and learn about the professional world; and (3) provides the support students need to achieve their dreams. Eventually, with each student that Dream Jamaica helps, we hope to improve Jamaica.


Dream Jamaica is a 501c charity operating since 2008 that continues to transform lives of over 1000 high school students in Jamaica–walking our participants step by step from grade seven to college, then on to internships. 



With kind devotion from donors and sponsors including Microsoft, Boeing International, and JetBlue, our students have managed to win scholarships from top universities across Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas–with acceptance namely to MIT, Howard University, UWI, Morehouse College, Sciences Po Bordeaux, UTech and York University. 



Numerous participants come back on the board as well as on the annual executive body for the summer camp to give back to Jamaican students. This is the case for our current Dream Jamaica Director and Managers, who have successfully completed their tertiary education and decide to reinvest in the organization's growth. 


Dream Jamaica does not oblige its participants to give back to the organization but teaches everyone to strive to build each other.


Our participants create longevity in our community of unison and cohesion. Join our team today! 

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