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Motivation is everything for our next Financial Analyst


Motivation is essential, and for this aspiring future financial analyst, the notion "If you can dream it, you can do it" has served as a solid foundation. Along with her family's ongoing motivation and support, this dreamer has a constant drive to shoot for the stars. Role models such as her elder sister, Shenae Lewin, and Tafar-I Williams --both of whom have strong work ethics-- have served as constant motivation for this youngster.

Alexia Lewin, a former student of St. Andrew High School for Girls, is now in her second year at the University of Technology. She is presently pursuing a degree in Business Administration while succeeding in her studies.

Alexia learned about Dream Jamaica from the Program Director, Tafar-I Williams, and decided to enroll in early 2019. Her experience has been fantastic since then. She had further emphasized her participation in the career exploration program and the insights she learned. She highlighted her exposure to a variety of professional choices through this program, as well as several community service opportunities and the opportunity to strengthen her public speaking skills.

She highlighted that even during her college application process, she was more at ease due to the guidance of some members of the Dream Jamaica College Prep Program, teachers, and her older sister.

She further applauds Dream Jamaica for helping her to understand that she had a purpose and a dream with outlining the roadmap to help her to fulfil this dream.

“It is not how you start; it is how you finish.” A simple yet eye opening phrase she recalls from interacting with one of her mentors in 2019. She further interprets that phrase as means of saying, “No matter the obstacle in the beginning, how I finish is all that matters.” This gave her the well-needed push to aspire to fulfilling her purpose in life.

In essence, she expects to have earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration and be working as a financial analyst at a financial organization within the next five to ten years. Thus, she has put in place various initiatives to ensure that these ambitions become a reality in the long run. These include remaining committed, motivated, and continuing to network with people in her desired field of profession.

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